Results of the Princeton Democratic Municipal Committee

Ballot-Placement Meeting, March 19, 2018

There were 37 ballots cast and one was disqualified. Each of the six candidates was rated on a point system, called the Borda count, devised in 1770 by the French mathematician and political scientist Jean-Charles de Borda. It is often used to rank sports teams.

The first rank is the highest and the sixth rank is the lowest. First-rank votes received 6 points; second place, 5 points; etc. Committee Members were asked to rank each candidate from 1st to 6th, without repeating any ranks. Ballots were disqualified that did not rate all the candidates or that repeated a rank in rating candidates.

The ballots were counted four times by hand and the results compared to make sure the count was accurate.

The results were entered into a spreadsheet and the calculations of points were checked by hand to make sure they were accurate.

The Municipal Committee Chair, Scotia W. MacRae, will recommend to Mercer the County Democratic Committee Chair, Verlina Reynolds-Jackson, that the candidates be listed on the ballot in the following order, with the first two getting the “Regular Democratic Organization” slogan:

Dwaine Williamson (175 points)

Eve Niedergang (158 points)

Surinder Sharma (140 points)

Michelle Pirone Lambros (115 points)

Alvin McGowen (101 points)

Adam Bierman (64 points)