Current Committee Members

There are 22 voting districts within the municipality of Princeton and 44 district representatives. Each district is represented by two Committee members, one Committeeman and one Committeewoman, as required by state law.

Current Committee members were either elected on June 5, 2018, for a two-year term or appointed by the Committee to fill vacancies for the remainder of that term. During the annual reorganization meeting, Committee members elect a chair and two vice chairs, who may be but need not be elected district representatives.

Municipal Chair: Scotia MacRae,;

First Vice Chair: Thomas A. “Tommy” Parker,

Second Vice Chair: Mia Sacks,

The following committee members are listed according to the voting district they represent. Find your district on this map.


District 01 F: Vacant

District 01 M: William C. Schofield,


District 02 F: Karen Prager,

District 02 M: Ross Wishnick ,


District 03 F: Jane Rohlf,

District 03 M: Surinder Sharma,


District 04 F: Molly Chrein,  

District 04 M:  Vacant


District 05 F: Virginia “Ginger” M. Lennon,

District 05 M: Michael Krevitskie,


District 06 F: Vacant

District 06 M: James Butler, 


District 07 F: Vacant

District 07 M: Vacant


District 08 F: Heather Howard,

District 08 M: Scott Sillars,, 609-462-0523


District 09 F: Yina Moore,

District 09 M: Leighton Newlin,


District 10 F:  Lillian Israel,

District 10 M: David Kimmel,


District 11 F: Vacant

District 11 M: James Healey,


District 12 F: Laurie Harmon,

District 12 M: Andrew Koontz,


District 13 F: Mia Sacks,

District 13 M: Adam Bierman,


District 14 F: Judith Meyer,

District 14 M: Jose Alcantara,


District 15 F: Meeta Khatri,

District 15 M: Robert Sandberg,                  


District 16 F: Katherine Carmichael,

District 16 M: Owen O’Donnell,;


District 17 F: Kristen Renney Suozzo,     

District 17  M: Seth Mellman,


District 18  F: Vacant

District 18 M: Michael Lapp,


District 19 F: Barbara D. Goun,

District 19 M: Howard Levy,


District 20 F: Jean Durbin,

District 20 M: Jon Durbin,


District 21 F:   Elizabeth “Liz” Cohen, 135 Terhune Rd.,

District 21 M: Jeffrey H. Oakman, 164 Valley Road,


District 22 F: Wendy L. Mager,

District 22 M: Vacant


This list is current as of February 3, 2019