History & Bylaws

Bylaws of the PDMC

The current bylaws were adopted at the 2012 re-organization meeting following consolidation of the Princeton voting districts, and amended in 2016.

The standing rules regarding the process by which the Committee recommends ballot placement and designation with the official slogan on the primary ballot for races for municipal office were adopted in 2013.

History of the Committee

On March 10, 2018, chaired by Scotia MacRae, the Committee elected Jenny Ludmer as First Vice Chair and Tommy Parker as Second Vice Chair. The Committee also elected Heather Howard to fill a vacant seat for Voting District 08.

The Committee held its third re-organization on June 13, 2016. The Committee elected Scotia MacRae as the Municipal Chair. The Committee re-elected Doreen Blanc-Rockstrom as First Vice Chair and elected Peter M. Wolanin as Second Vice Chair.

The Committee held its second re-organization on June 9, 2014. The Committee re-elected Peter M. Wolanin as the Municipal Chair. The Committee re-elected Dan Preston as First Vice Chair and Doreen Blanc-Rockstrom as Second Vice Chair. Subsequently, Doreen Blanc-Rockstrom has assumed the role of First Vice Chair, and Scotia MacRae of Second Vice Chair.

The Committee held its historic, first, re-organization meeting the evening of Monday, June 11th, 2012 after Princeton voted for the first time using the re-drawn, consolidated voted districts. The Committee consists of members of the Mercer County Democratic Committee who were elected in Princeton’s new consolidated voting district on the primary ballot. It was one of the very first bodies elected to represent the consolidated Princeton.

In 2012 Committee elected Peter Wolanin, Ph.D. as the first Municipal Chair. Dr. Wolanin had been the Chairman of the Princeton Borough Democratic Municipal Committee since 2010, and was Chairman of the Unite Princeton campaign in 2011. The Committee elected Jon Durbin as First Vice Chair. Mr. Durbin had been the chair of the Princeton Township Democratic Municipal Committee since 2009. Doreen Blanc-Rockstrom, Ed.D. was elected by the Committee as Second Vice Chair. Dr. Blanc-Rockstrom was past Chair of the Montgomery Democratic Municipal Committee, prior to moving to Princeton.