Welcome to the PDMC Website!

As the Princeton Democratic Municipal Committee (PDMC or MuniComm), we are the official Democratic party organization representing the 22 voting districts within the municipality of Princeton.

Our mission is to support the ideals of the Democratic Party and its candidates, further good government, encourage grass roots participation in the Democratic Party, recruit Democratic candidates, have an open process for recommending ballot placement and slogan designation for Democratic candidates in Primary elections, fulfill its duties under Title 19 of the New Jersey Revised Code, and engage in activities that culminate in getting Democrats out to vote on Election Day to elect Democratic candidates.

Our goals overlap with the Princeton Community Democratic Organization (PCDO), yet the two organizations are distinct and vary greatly in scope. Please refer to this handy chart for more information on the different Democratic organizations in Princeton.

Become a Member of the Committee!

Turn your concerns into action! If you are interested in making a real change in your community, if you want your voice and the voices of your neighbors to be heard, if you are tired of complaining and want to actually DO something, and if you believe that our democracy is worth preserving—you owe it to yourself, your community, and your country to become a Democratic Committeeperson. In turn, you make a contribution that will have an impact on your life and the lives of everyone around you.

Grassroots representation lies at the heart of our democracy and is the basis for all other elected positions. Therefore, it is very important that Committee members take their responsibilities seriously and serve the Democratic Party and their community to the best of their ability. Committee members are responsible for staying in touch with constituents, listening to their concerns, and bringing these concerns back to the Mercer County Democratic Committee. At County meetings, members also have the opportunity to endorse candidates to represent the people at the county, state, and national levels.

Composition of the Committee:

  • There are 22 voting districts within the municipality of Princeton and 44 district representatives.
  • Each district is represented by two Committee members, one Committeeman and one Committeewoman, as required by state law. 
  • District representatives must reside within the voting district they represent and must be registered Democrats.
  • Members of the PDMC are also Mercer County Democratic Committee representatives.
  • Committee members elect a chair and two vice chairs, who need not be district representatives.

Steps to Become a Committee Member:

  • Most Committee members are elected for a two-year term in the June primary election of even-numbered years. On the ballot, you will be listed as a candidate for County Committee.
  • Interested individuals should contact the PDMC chair. In even election years, the Primary Petition must be submitted to the Princeton Municipal Clerk by the first business day in April in order to be listed in the June primary ballot. The petition and its instructions are available on the Clerk’s website.
  • If a Committee vacancy occurs between elections, a member may be appointed to office by a quorum of the Committee. That member will then have to run in the next even election year and be elected to the Committee. 
  • If appointed by the Committee or elected by write-in vote you must send an “acceptance of office” to the County Clerk before you may take office. The chair of the MuniComm will provide you with the forms.

Duties of Committee Members:

  • Meetings. Attend half the yearly meetings of the PDMC, especially the Ballot Placement meeting, usually held in March, to determine column placement and slogan designation for local candidates.
  • County Convention. Attend the Mercer County Convention in March and vote to endorse county, state, and national candidates. There are also periodic meetings of the County Committee that you should attend.
  • Fundraiser. Attend, help with, and contribute to the September MuniComm fundraiser, which honors members of the community who have contributed to furthering Democratic ideals. Money is spent on voting lists, supplies, and other materials needed to get out the vote.The MuniCom may also make campaign contributions.
  • Calling, Canvassing, and Distribution of Democratic Party Literature. Before the Primary Election in June and the General Election in November, help organize volunteers to participate in efforts to register voters, to call Democratic and Unaffiliated voters to remind them to vote, and to distribute campaign literature to the doors of Democrats and Unaffiliated voters.
  • Challengers. Organize people to be challengers at the polls in your district on Election Day in November (and sometimes for the Primary Election in June). Challengers must be residents of Mercer County; however, they need not reside in the voting district in which they are challenging.
  • Opening of Polls. On Election Day, be—or designate someone else to be—at your district’s polling place when it opens at 6 a.m. to make sure all machines are working.
  • Closing of Polls. Check in at the polling place by 7:45 p.m. before the polls close at 8 p.m. Obtain the duplicate tape or the record the numbers from each voting machine and take them to the place specified by the local Democratic organizations—typically, a party where votes are counted.

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